Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez are together again .

The Selena-Justin Duo is trying to make peace lately soon after her Kidney
transplant Surgery.

As soon as Selena Gomez wakes up after the kidney transplant all she is trying to do is
to groom up what she lost in between her and Justin Bieber. She is trying to make
peace with him. It’s good news for their fans to know that they are on good terms these

The once Rocky road is healing its roughness to start with a smoother one.
Gomez recently had her surgery on Kidney transplant getting kidney from her very close
friend, TV actress Francia Raisa
After her illness, she is just trying to make everything better between her and Justin
bieber. It has been known from very close source that justein bieber has been very
close and good enough with her since her surgery and they are enjoying their good
terms after quiet a time.

Selena Gomez (25) and Justein bieber 23 are hanging out with each other after she
wakeup from her surgery this summer. These close duos were seen together in Hill
song Church celebrating their mutual membership.

This couple date between the years of 2011 and2014, where some stressful situations
were revealed in the summer of 2016 when they pettily argued on instagram which lead
to a devastating consequence for Justin Bieber that he had to deactivate his instagram
account for almost more than 6 months of time.

But this duo can no longer continue their ill heartedness and have softened what was
tough between them in a church recently through their friends.
There were also revelations that Justien and Selena recently started speaking, noting
that the Hilsong church was the common bond that reunited the former lovers.
The community there is pretty tight and it has been known that there are lots of mutual
friends of Justin and Selena .all the good things that is going through is all because of the mutual friends 
that they are always concerned about.